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Even though many companies have been running social media programs for five or more years, there are still companies that have not figured out the best way to use the platforms.

So many companies still think social media is all about how many followers or likes they have.

Not So!

We see some companies run effective social media programs with 200 or less followers or likes compared to some that have 10,000.

How is this possible?

Because these companies with fewer flowers are still reaching the right people with the right message about their company and products— compared to only being focused on getting followers that do not really care.

To run an effective social media program it should not be looked at in isolation. Social media should be looked as a tool to help you communicate your company messages to more people compared to doing it only on a website or through a PR program. It needs be part of your Online Presence Program #OLP.

One of our strategies is to take the same piece of content and spread it over the internet using platforms that your customers are using every day.

We don’t want to post the same Photo on each platform in the same day, that offers your followers no real value to follow you everywhere but in just their favorite app/site.

We take a photo shoot and publish the photo’s according to the demographics liking and over a couple of weeks or months. Different angles, different lighting, different vibe/feel. Audiences react differently when on different social media apps and platforms. We are suppose to guess what that is for your business through conversations between us about your company, products, and culture. Your followers will not expect to be spammed, so do do that. With multiple images that carry unique attention grabbing visuals, we are able to attract the attention of your customer to bring them to the information they need to buy now, make an appointment, or call for more information.

Example: Posting a Facebook photo of your product in action, posting your company culture on Instagram, and a video to tie it all together on YouTube. You can talk to your followers during this whole photo shoot too, and during the editing, and in the morning when you wake up, and just before you go to bed, and so on. Your company is now in the twentieth century and the expectation from  your customers are only getting higher. The Fortune500 companies all have 24 customer support, social media engagement, and customers researching, then buying products at all hours of the day. Social media can be your best answering service and record breaking sales force.

With so many social media platforms available it is critical to decide on two or three and do them well. Instead of trying to do everything because it is really tough to do them all well.

Here are a few of the social media programs we have run or currently running:

Tampa Sheet Metal Facebook pageTampa Sheet Metal Facebook Page

Next Level Inc Facebook

Chroma Color LinkedIn Page

Chroma Color Corporation LinkedIn Page

Plumbing Contractor, Facebook

Harvey Baker Plumbing Inc Facebook

grocery store social media

Santurce Baby Food Mini Market in Puerto Rico

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